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10th Frame Side Pot Rules

Cost $5 per bowler per week  - $3 goes to the Strike Pot, $1 goes to the sweeper side pot, $1 goes to the league.

Only one person can win per game.  There could be multiple winners in one night but only one winner per game.  To win, the bowler must get 3 strikes in the 10th frame.  If 2 or more bowlers get 3 strikes in the 10th frame, this would be a tie.  If there is a tie, the pot from the first game will rollover to the 2nd game.  If the same thing happens in the 2nd game, the pot will roll over to the 3rd game.  If no winner in the 3rd game, the pot will roll over to the following week.  


All participants must sign up after shadow practice and before the 5th frame of the first game.


To sign up, please see Vonda Walker.

50/50 Strike Pot Raffle Rules

Ticket will be drawn in the second game.  If the person who's ticket is drawn gets a strike on their next turn up to bowl, they win the pot.  If no strike, the pot rolls over & more tickets sold for the 3rd game.  If no one strikes in the 3rd game, the pot rolls over to the next week.  


50% of the pot goes toward the bowling banquet.


$1 - 1 Ticket
$5 - 10 Tickets
$10 - 20 Tickets
$15 - 30 Tickets
$20 - 40 Tickets


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