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2021-22 Rules


The name of the league shall be River City Bowlers (mixed league).  League maximum is 32 teams of 4 bowlers.  Teams may be made up of all men, all women, or any combination of the two.  


Dates and time for bowling including position rounds, holidays, sweepers and championship roll-off will be decided at the first meeting.  Bowlers must bowl 1/2 of the scheduled games to be eligible for individual awards and may qualify for only one individual prize i.e. high game/high series (scratch/handicap) with series taking precedence over game.  Team awards shall be 1st, 2nd, 3rd for first half, second half and championship for roll off winner from last night. 

The league shall begin bowling on Sunday 9/12/21.  The league will end on Sunday 05/01/22.  A copy of schedule (29 weeks) will be provided, with the rules, to each team.  The league shall begin practice at 5:50 PM and begin actual competition at 6:00 PM.

Holidays: Thanksgiving 11/28, Christmas 12/26, New Years 01/02, Superbowl 02/13 and Easter 04/17.

Position Rounds:  October 24, December 19, February 27, and April 24


A Board of Directors consisting of elected officers and all team captains will govern the league.  Election of league officers will be held during the meeting prior to the start of the league.  Effective Sept 2014 the league has voted that officers shall be elected at the meeting using verbal nominations and using the 50% + 1 majority vote to decide the winners.


President - Jayne Moore 916-524-4135                          

Vice President - Cameron Yee 916-591-0956

Secretary/Treasurer - Annette Wegesend 916-995-6409       

Sgt@ARMS - Vonda Walker



The USBC rulebook will govern rules not covered herein.  The league board will address any questions or problems unless it involves a rule change.  For rule changes a vote of the entire membership is required.  This league shall enforce the rule for any member who demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to the league. While subject to ejection, detrimental behavior shall include bowlers who consistently demonstrate negative or antagonistic behavior towards other players on the league.  Any member not present agrees to abide by these rules.


The President and V.P. shall select committees for the banquet and awards no later than 6 weeks prior to the end of the season.  Effective 2002 the league has voted that all awards shall be paid in cash.



This shall be a USBC sanctioned league.  All members must join the organization the first night of bowling or show proof of membership.  Current fees for membership are $26.00 and $11.00 for an associate membership.  Forfeiting games could result for teams with non-sanctioned players.


The weekly fees for bowling shall be set the first night of bowling.  A breakdown of fees shall also be decided at the meeting.  Funds will be deposited in the River City Bowlers account with Wells Fargo.   Bowlers are responsible for paying correct amounts each week.  League treasurer is not responsible for odd payments and miscellaneous amounts could be considered extra fees and credited to the league fund and not the individual bowler.  This does not include prepayment for full weeks of bowling.  The fee for the final two weeks of bowling is due on the 4th night of bowling.  Delinquent bowlers will so be notified the 5th week of bowling.  Noncompliance will be treated as though a bowler were in arrears. 


League Fee Breakdown:  $12.75 lineage, $1.00 banquet, $1.00 secretary/treasurer, $.85 awards, $.15 singles sweeper, $2.25 prize fund for a total weekly fee of $18.00. (eff. 09/2021).


Bowlers are not allowed to bowl on credit.  Fees are due each week and absent bowlers are expected to make up fees upon return.  Members not current (unless arrangements made with the secretary/treasurer) are considered in arrears and could cause their team to forfeit games.  The league maintains a list of delinquent bowlers and they will not be allowed to join again until the delinquent fees have been cleared.


Team captains are responsible for collecting fees from their bowlers each week.  Although the team is not directly responsible for late/delinquent bowlers, the fees will be deducted at the end of the season from the team’s point monies.  Secretary-Treasurer will collect envelopes at the end of the first game.


Returned checks will be considered as non-payment and will result in ejection from the league if they are not reclaimed.  There will also be a returned check fee (effective June 2003)  from Wells Fargo.


Doubles sweeper will also be conducted the last night of bowling.  Cost shall be $2.00 per couple allowing for multiple entries with multiple partners.  Payoff shall be at a ratio of 1 to 8.  Payoff for the singles sweeper shall also be at a 1 to 8 ratio.


This league shall be a member of IGBO (International Gay Bowling Org.) and 2/3 of the annual fees shall be deducted from the prize fund.  The league shall also participate in the BVL tournament and the $1.00 fee per bowler shall be deducted from the prize fund.  The league will participate 100%.


A legal lineup shall consist of a minimum of at least 1 regular member + 1 sanctioned substitute member.  Legal lineup must be at the bowl ready by the start of competition (first scoring ball by the opposition).  Other late bowlers may be allowed to start bowling any game prior to the completion of the 3rd frame by the opposing team.  If legal lineup is not present; the opposing team will be required to bowl within 40 pins of their team average for the game being contested.  (See rule #16 re: dedicated vs. substitute players).


Pre-bowling may be done up to 7 days in advance.  Post bowling is limited to Wednesday following the original league session to allow the secretary-treasurer enough time to complete the stats for that week.  There is a limit of three opportunities to pre or post bowl for the season.  If a team fails to make up a session within the time limits, a forfeit will result.  Teams shall not be allowed to pre or post bowl the last night of each half as this would prevent them from participating in a roll off if necessary.


The league will operate with an even number of teams.  If there is an uneven number a blind team shall be added to make it even.  Teams scheduled against the blind team shall be required to bowl within 40 pins of their team average.  Should a team drop from the schedule, another blind team shall be added and the two blind teams will be paired for the remainder of the season.


No new bowlers may be added and no substitutes may be used the last 2 weeks of regular bowling unless they have bowled a minimum of 9 games.  The league will maintain a list of substitutes.  Effective 2002 the league has voted to restrict the use of subs the last night of the 1st half, 2nd half and sweepers.  Dedicated extra players on a team are considered regular team members and not substitutes.


Entering averages for all bowlers shall be computed from the first full 3 game series bowled in this league.  Bowlers not establishing the first night on 3 games shall use a 200 average.  Handicap shall be computed as 90% of the difference from 220 (effective 2002) for each bowler.



Standings shall be computed on a 4-point basis.  Three points for team game wins and a fourth point for team series.   

Ties shall be broken using the one game roll off method.  If a tie still exists, then a 9th and 10th frame shall be conducted until the tie is broken.  Any team that is not available to break a tie shall forfeit that right on the basis of rule 14.


It is the team captain’s/designate's responsibility to make sure that all scores are correct on the recap and that the information is provided to the secretary-treasurer at the end of the night.  Failure to provide the correct information could result in games forfeited if the information can not be recovered.

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