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Recent news

We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this upcoming season (beginning September 2017).  
No one won the 10th frame strike pot last night. We will not be doing the 10th frame strike pot this week - $122 will be rolled over to January 3rd.
No one won the Strike Pot raffle.  The $75 will be up for grabs on January 3rd!
Congratulations to Vonda for winning 2 tickets to the Sacramento Kings Equality Night!
Congratulations to Anthony for winning $352 in the 10th frame strike pot!
See Donna or Vonda for your chance to win! (Rules)
Congratulations to Blair for winning $120 in the Strike Pot 50/50 Raffle!
Congratulations to Matt for winning the 2015 River City Bowlers costume contest 

Join River City Bowlers for Equality Night with the Sacramento Kings on Thursday, January 21, 2016.  For more information or tickets, contact Jayne at 916.524.4135 or

Congratulations to these River City Bowlers for their Gay Games 9 achievements:

Zeek Palomera - Social doubles - Silver
David Caldera - B singles - Gold
Mac Ledesma - C singles - Gold
Robert Aina - D singles - Silver
Doug Tucker - D singles - Gold
Dennis Morgado - E singles - Silver
Mario Garcia - E singles - Gold
Donna Lewis - A singles - Silver
Pixie Ganem - A singles - Gold
Donna/Vonda - A doubles - Gold
Karen/Devina - C doubles - Bronze
Mario/Dennis - E doubles - Silver
Mario Garcia - E team - Bronze
Jayne/Jeno/Robert/Doug - D team - Silver

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