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When does the next league begin?


The Winter League begins the first Sunday after Labor Day.  

The Summer League (if there is enough interest to have one) begins the first Sunday after Memorial Day.


If the league has already started its season, can I still join?


Yes! Contact us and we'll get you on a team as soon as we can.


How much does it cost?


League dues are $18 per week (2021-2022 Season).


Are there any other fees?


If you're not an USBC member, it's $26. USBC memberships are generally good for 1-year, expiring every September. (Note: You are not required to join USBC in advance of joining our league.)



Are there Cash Prizes and/or Trophies given out?


Yes. At the end of the season, you will receive cash for each game you win. Cash prizes are also give to the Top Teams & Individuals.  Throughout the season we offer optional opt-in games to win cash prizes: Side Pot, 50/50, & Brackets.



I'm a novice bowler, is that ok??


Yes. Competive or not, everyone is out to have a good time. We're a Handicap League and based on your average you'll get extra pins added to your score to make you equal to even the best bowler. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!

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